To give you a good overview what INSTec is, we have selected a few paragraphs from our By-Laws. If you have any questions regarding these or INSTec in general feel always free to contact us.

2.2. Networking

Work Group INSTec aims to establish networks with national and international partners and organizations in order to raise funds both from foreign partners as well as the respective funding agencies from targeted nations worldwide. It should therefore create an additional mechanism to increase the third party income for RWTH Aachen, in accordance with RWTH internationalization strategy. The emphasis lies on project cooperation with industry partners, if necessary through the support of public funds from funding agencies.

2.5. Topic Areas

R&D related activities for developing and newly industrialized countries that take specific technical, economic, ecological and social concerns of these countries into account. Challenges include issues of sustainable development of mobility, renewable energy, environment & infrastructure, urban areas, medical technology, etc., including necessary information technology and social science cross-technology components.

3. Structure

The Work Group consists of the organs General Assembly and Executive Board, the latter comprising mostly of members of RWTH Aachen faculty concerned with the core themes of the Work Group. The Board may establish an internal Advisory Committee of a maximum of three members who are appointed by the Board. These members are not allowed to represent INSTec in external relations.

4.3. Supporting Members

Supporting members are institutions, companies and individuals within and outside of RWTH Aachen which materially and/or otherwise promote the goals of the Work Group. They shall have one authorized representative in the General Assembly.

5.3. RWTH Administrative Host

The Speaker of the Executive Board or another member of the Board shall be the RWTH Administrative Host, who shall be involved in administrating the ongoing operations and projects of the Work Group.