Technology Partnerships-  Current Project Examples

Contact person: Dipl.-Ing. Franz Gaudlitz


Quality Management & Production Engineering

Sartex – Quality Management based on Wiki Approach
  • Initial situation: No valid process description existent, management of experiences and knowledge is not done systematically
  • Collaboration: Implementing an interactive management system
  • Approach: Structured workshops on different analysis levels, development of concepts and process. Definition of continuous improvement (6σ-projects), train the trainer regarding methodology, training of authors and users, support during implementation
  • Partners: Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University, Modell Aachen, Sartex 
Nouvelair – Assessment  of Integrated Management System (IMS) and its implementation
  • Initial situation: Degree of proper implementation of quality management philosophy as well as potentials within the integrated management system (IMS) were unknown
  • Approach: Short assessment and diagnosis by interviews with each department during one week. Creation of comprehensive report including fields of action, project plan and cost assumptions for improvements
  • Partners: Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University 
Sartex – Textile Green Production
  • Initial situation: High costs and consumptions of energy, material, water and lack of efficient facilities for water treatment
  • Collaboration: Rough concept of a sustainable production unit, with identification of fields of action
  • Approach: Analyzing consumption data, providing workshops to identify a concept for a pilot factory considering machinery, processes, chemicals, water recycling, eco-based approaches as well as holistic energy management
  • Partners: Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), Institute of Textile Technology (ITA), Research Institute for Water and Waste Management (FiW), Institute of Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics (IAW) at RWTH Aachen University, Sartex


Business Development 

Wagner On Site Machinery – Branch Office
  • Initial situation: Existing business model worldwide without local representation, willingness to extent towards additional potential markets
  • Collaboration: Analysis of market opportunities in the GCC as well as legal framework and potential investors, preparation of business model for local representation
  • Partners: OGtech Solutions LLC, Wagner
Novihum Technologies GmbH – Business Development
  • Initial situation: Existing soil improvement technology with different patents developed by German scientists
  • Collaboration: Set up of testing fields in Muscat, Oman, coordination of measurements, creation of consortium and identification of potential customers and investors
  • Local partner: OGtech Solutions LLC, GUtech
Drinking Water Production – Patent Exploitation
  • Initial situation: Existing patent for drinking water production technology and machinery, proof-of-concept not yet existent
  • Collaboration: Creation of consortium with RWTH scientists, application for public funding for proof-of-concept, prototype & testing, creation of business model
  • Partners: Institute of Engineering Design, Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), Research Institute for Water and Waste Management at RWH Aachen University

Education Management    

GUTech Oman – Start-up and Development of Higher Education Institution
  • Development of Management System: Development and implementation of management system and process landscape on Q.Wiki basis
  • Conduction of Market Research Studies: Market research for new master programs, to develop portfolio and reach market demands
  • Development of Study Programs: Guideline for case study based learning and development of study programs
  • International Workshops: Performance of workshops on various topics 
UNESCO Iraq –  Training Workshop on Leadership and Quality Management 
  • Workshop in support of rehabilitation of Higher Education Systems through addressing various aspects of Leadership and Quality Management, consists of main focuses as:
  • Quality Management: Introduction to basics and different approaches for implementation of Quality Management Systems
  • Project Management: Four phases of Project Management namely as “Definition”, “Planning and Design”, “Execution and Controlling” and “Finalization of a Project”
  • Lean Administration: Four aspects to implement Lean thinking in an organization, including “Philosophy”, “People”, “Processes” and “Problem Understanding”
  • Change Management: Three phases needed for realization of a change in an organization which are  “Creating the Climate for Change”, “Engaging and Enabling the Organization” and “Implementing and Sustaining Change”
RWTH Aachen University – Implementation of “Good Governance” and Quality Management 
  • Development of Quality Management System for teaching & learning, preparation and support for system accreditation
  • Quality Objectives: Set of university-wide quality objectives for teaching and learning
  • KPI & Indicators: Key performance indicators to gather status quo.
  • Database & Reports: Implementation of  database and development of customized reports for management reviews
  • Control Loops: Adjusted control loops at study program, faculty and university level incl. external reviewers
  • Accreditation: Preparation and accompaniment for accreditation process